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Back in Jackson!

I lived in Jackson, WY in the 90’s, loved it, and we went through there and hung out with some old friends. IMG_5219It’s an amazing place, so beautiful, with incredible mountains and trails, tons of tourists, and lots of locals who live there and frolic in the wilderness.


Let’s ride!

Aah, words cannot describe the joy of sharing one’s passions with the ones you love. Pictures will have to suffice. Location: 18 mile road trails just outside Fruita, CO.IMG_4561IMG_4564IMG_4556IMG_4576IMG_5163

A few days in the sanctuary of the Rockies.

IMG_4504We stayed at a friends beautiful home in Crestone, and spent a couple days watching hippies dance and hiking the Rockies. IMG_5912Crestone is a sweet little town with an eclectic population and mountain access just outside the city.

Then the girls joined us and we will all travel together until Portland, OR.IMG_5941IMG_5954IMG_4430IMG_4450Today we watch France v Belgium, then on to our next stop, Fruita, CO for some mountain biking.

Colorado! The next frontier!


It’s windy, the roads disappear on the horizon and the first town we came to in Colorado had a recreational marijuana super store. We’re at the base of the SAN Juan de Crysto mountains in Crestone, Co, home of more spiritual centers per capita than anywhere else in the country.

I’m taking a Sami immersion course of course. But seriously folks I’m rubbing crystals together as I watch Russia v Croatia at the Elephant Cloud Tea Shop, Namaste.IMG_5853

Los Suenos de Santa Fe

Darlin’, is this a trailer park? IMG_5138We rolled into Santa Fe early this afternoon and went straight to our trailer, I mean camp site. It’s right in the middle of Santa Fe so super convenient. We had lunch at The Shed, really good tamales, and then we did a little car repair; Kanye needed a new house battery.

Tomorrow we explore the terrain around SF and then on to Colorado!

Who knew the desert was so cool?

As soon as we crossed into New Mexico it started raining and the temp dropped 20 degrees.

From the triple digits in OK and TX we are now sitting in 80 degrees with a good breeze, so much nicer. The dog, Solomon, has certainly enjoyed the change.IMG_5800IMG_5124 Now we enjoy the fourth on a fireworks free lake in what was once native land, and then part of Mexico, and now…IMG_5126IMG_5127

Oklahoma, hotter yet!

Somehow, it managed to get hotter, somehow. Yet once again, we find ourselves by a body of water. Kind of a hot tub filled with boats but a body of water none the less. I went on a little ride and found a cemetery. So many had died young, many of them obviously Native Americans. I’m determining this based on names and tombstone symbols… But then there was Chief Littleface, 99 years, who lived during what I can only imagine were incredibly tough times in a desolate place.