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Live Edge Spalted Maple Table

We started with a maple tree a few years back, it had developed some rot and was at risk of following towards one of our buildings. Gist Tree Service here in Nashville dropped the tree and stacked the logs for us, we painted the ends and let them dry for a bit. This August we loaded a couple up and took them to Andersen Tree Service on the north-side who have a saw mill.

Monroe Harding maintenance coordinator, Brent Steffek, and I then hand planed the book-matched slabs so that they were relatively flat, then we jointed them together. There were a couple of checks in the ends of one of the slabs so we used a bow tie, or butterfly joint, to keep those cracks from expanding.

The table sold at auction, as a fundraiser for Monroe Harding, and made $4k with the agreement that we make another for that same price for the other bidder. We didn’t want one of the two competing bidders to go home unhappy. Recently, Brent and I cut up into 8′ lengths a Black Walnut tree that fell on property, we’d be happy to turn it into a beautiful and unique piece of furniture for your home or office, just shoot me an email if you are interested.


A New Closet Too

Since we had to create a ton of dust for the bathroom we figured, why not just do the closet too. Originally it had a small single door into the closet, a 24″ wide door, and then the space was about 5′ wide so you had to kind of crawl in there to get anything tucked away in the back. So we decided to open it up and put some drawers in as well. Room for two wardrobes.Closet closed

The drawer faces and shelf trim are made out of the oak pallet that the shower walls came in.

Closet open

Master Bathroom Remodel

Time to remodel the master bath. For such a small space there sure was a ton of concrete. There was probably 3 inches on the floor and 2 inches of it on the walls, then tile on top of that. It took two bagsters for this little 5’x8′ room.

2017-01-08 14.20.00

Once we had it down to studs I framed out the new walk in shower for a new shower wall product from Kohler. I had to brace it for 24 hours so the adhesives could cure.


I ordered the fixed glass on line, used our original sink and toilet, and had a lovely Irish fellow do some great tile work. All Done.

Bathroom leftBathroom center showerBthroom right


Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2017

This year’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance was another doozy, made even more overwhelming by the event coordinators’ decision to move the event from Sunday to Saturday due to expected storms on Sunday. Here are a few of my favorite cars from the three days I was there.

I also got to see four time Indianapolis 500 winner and one of my child hood heroes, Al Unser Sr. , and I helped him out of his Indy winning race car after he’d driven it on to the fairway.IMG_4283

The Rusty Rider rides again

rusty-horizontal-fullI finally put the finishing touches on the Rusty Rider and planted him in the garden. I built a “drop” or “stunt” for him to ride on, it’s based on a stunt we built back in the day in Montana, it was a 2×6 laid flat on  vertical supports and it ran for about 30 feet, and then it ended and the drop was about 6-8 feet. We called it “Heaven” and it was used at a few of the Safety Team events and then ended up out at the “property”. I miss it, and those days.

The Rusty Rider

It all started with a garage sale find.IMG_3751

Then I had to find some rusty tools, chains, and other exciting old things.IMG_3770


Head no hair no tassles no arms

Head tassles no arms


Now it’s time to get this guy outside for some riding.

Tennessee Table

I-Beam base with Cherry table top engraved with the Tennessee state outline. POATN table closeup

I had this idea in my head for a while, it originally had a concrete top but that seemed like it would be just a bit too heavy. This is made with a steel I-beam I found at a local salvage yard, stabilized with channel steel from the same yard. All of it is nice and rusty, bent, scarred, and full of character. It comes with skid pads so the metal won’t give your flooring any additional character.TN table side

The top is made from a 2×12 of Cherry that I got from my favorite local lumber yard, Good Wood of Nashville. It comes from a locally fallen cherry tree. The square head bolts, washers, and nuts are from my collection of rusty metal that I hauled down here from Montana. If you are interested in this table, or a custom piece of furniture, feel free to contact me. Thanks!

TN table