Design, consulting, and fabrication

A new home, somewhere in the south, someplace called Nashville.

Well, we moved, my wife is pursuing a PhD at Vanderbilt so we moved down to Nashville June of 2013. We have been pretty busy since then, adjusting to a new place, remodeling a different house, adjusting to new schools and employment. It has been a huge change, we miss our place in Missoula, we miss our friends and the community. But Nashville has a lot to offer. I have been hiding out at home probably too much but it gives me time to work on the house which we have basically redone from top to bottom in the last 15 months. Here is the fun part, getting creative with our previously ugly ’70’s paneled kitchen and fire place surround. Out went the paneling, in went new cabinets and concrete counters, and for the fire place, reclaimed smoked oak planks from a tobacco smoking barn. That wood was as hard as stone but I predrilled and fastened them with square head nails, finished off with a rusty piece of angle iron as the mantle. iphone 030314 064

iphone 030314 057

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