Design, consulting, and fabrication

Tennessee Table

I-Beam base with Cherry table top engraved with the Tennessee state outline. POATN table closeup

I had this idea in my head for a while, it originally had a concrete top but that seemed like it would be just a bit too heavy. This is made with a steel I-beam I found at a local salvage yard, stabilized with channel steel from the same yard. All of it is nice and rusty, bent, scarred, and full of character. It comes with skid pads so the metal won’t give your flooring any additional character.TN table side

The top is made from a 2×12 of Cherry that I got from my favorite local lumber yard, Good Wood of Nashville. It comes from a locally fallen cherry tree. The square head bolts, washers, and nuts are from my collection of rusty metal that I hauled down here from Montana. If you are interested in this table, or a custom piece of furniture, feel free to contact me. Thanks!

TN table

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