Design, consulting, and fabrication

Live Edge Spalted Maple Table

We started with a maple tree a few years back, it had developed some rot and was at risk of following towards one of our buildings. Gist Tree Service here in Nashville dropped the tree and stacked the logs for us, we painted the ends and let them dry for a bit. This August we loaded a couple up and took them to Andersen Tree Service on the north-side who have a saw mill.

Monroe Harding maintenance coordinator, Brent Steffek, and I then hand planed the book-matched slabs so that they were relatively flat, then we jointed them together. There were a couple of checks in the ends of one of the slabs so we used a bow tie, or butterfly joint, to keep those cracks from expanding.

The table sold at auction, as a fundraiser for Monroe Harding, and made $4k with the agreement that we make another for that same price for the other bidder. We didn’t want one of the two competing bidders to go home unhappy. Recently, Brent and I cut up into 8′ lengths a Black Walnut tree that fell on property, we’d be happy to turn it into a beautiful and unique piece of furniture for your home or office, just shoot me an email if you are interested. #resaw #liveedge #salvage #reuse #handmade

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